ig.saying a.k.a. Aquarius @ Interview
21:38 04.05.2004

We represent you interview with ig.saying which managed to be taken not without effort since it not so well understands on english. Excuse for not so structured interview since in a chat many people sat and it distracted, but we have tried to result it in a readable kind.

Q: Introduce yourself, somewords about you
<ig.saying> Im korean
<ig.saying> im some english
<ig.saying> t.t
<ig.saying> age:21 man
<ig.saying> korea progamer
<ig.saying> and HaNDeR[Gamei] friend
<ig.saying> my name is
<ig.saying> seung-wook lee
<ig.saying> and terran user
<ig.saying> :)

Q: Cool, what do u doing right now? progaming only or study?
<ig.saying> hm.
<ig.saying> many study :)
<ig.saying> difficult.....english t.t.

Q: When did you start to play Broodwar ? How long have been playing Broodwar and in what team you are in ?
<ig.saying> hm
<ig.saying> 3 years ago
<ig.saying> start brood war
<ig.saying> and..
<ig.saying> my team is ig^.^
<ig.saying> all team
<ig.saying> friendly
<ig.saying> west is
<ig.saying> SaSin
<ig.saying> SaSin)Best-T- is my aka

Q: aha, cool, and gamei, do u play on this server?
<ig.saying> nono
<ig.saying> gamei id
<ig.saying> is
<ig.saying> aquarius
<ig.saying> and:)
<ig.saying> 2400
<ig.saying> point
<ig.saying> no.1 :)

Q: woow :) u are really gosu, i think!
<Aivengo[S2]> Do you earn something by playing Broodwar ?
<Aivengo[S2]> We mean money ?
<ig.saying> -.-
<ig.saying> don't understand

Q: mb you have some sponsors for example :) and they pay u money for your games
<ig.saying> understand
<ig.saying> hm...
<ig.saying> 30$
<ig.saying> 1 game :)
<ig.saying> but
<ig.saying> team battle
<ig.saying> win
<ig.saying> --> paid
<ig.saying> lose--
<ig.saying> not paid
<ig.saying> do you understand?

Q: sure
<ig.saying> and :) many match

Q: team battle? say me about it?
<ig.saying> hm..
<ig.saying> if..
<ig.saying> 3v3

Q: is it ur offisial team? they pay money for you?
<ig.saying> k :)

Q: how many $ u earn per month ?
<ig.saying> hm..
<ig.saying> 42$
<ig.saying> :)

Q: Say about KBK
<ig.saying> yeah?
<ig.saying> kbk ?

Q: u win vs OGOgO and vs Rain right ?
<ig.saying> :)
<ig.saying> sure

Q: what score vs intoTheRain ?
<ig.saying> 2:0
<ig.saying> but kbk game
<ig.saying> replays is have
<ig.saying> but just 1
<ig.saying> see:) possible

Q: and who u practise with ?
<ig.saying> hm..
<ig.saying> many member
<ig.saying> k :)
<ig.saying> sasin guild member or
<ig.saying> kor team member
<ig.saying> and diffirent progamer
<ig.saying> and so on..

Q: aha, and whom of gosus have u win?
<ig.saying> k
<ig.saying> many
<ig.saying> :)
<ig.saying> vs thewind
<ig.saying> win :)
<ig.saying> korea replays many --> ygclan.com
<ig.saying> my play : vs Thewind and Ogogo
<ig.saying> nada . boxer
<ig.saying> o.o
<ig.saying> but just lost temple

Q: yes sure =) good, very good :)
<ig.saying> in
<ig.saying> ^^

Q: so, next question - who is ur best partner for games?
<ig.saying> hm...
<ig.saying> SaSin)k'-'n
<ig.saying> and
<ig.saying> SaSin)k'-'n --> is protoss partner
<ig.saying> zerg partner is
<ig.saying> SaSin)child
<ig.saying> now child
<ig.saying> use:)
<ig.saying> and luna[alive]
<ig.saying> ioi[alive]
<ig.saying> all partner

Q: and terrans?
<ig.saying> terran ----> luna[alive] . ioi[alive]

Q: aha oki
<ig.saying> they are
<ig.saying> all korean progamers

Q: and what is your race?
<ig.saying> Terran
<ig.saying> :)
<ig.saying> I like T vs T

Q: :) as Nada :)
<ig.saying> 2:0 -.-v

Q: how many years will koreans play BW ? when SC will die ? and in the world too :)
<ig.saying> underatnad
<ig.saying> hm..
<ig.saying> no die--
<ig.saying> never
<ig.saying> -.- but...
<ig.saying> if starcraft 2
<ig.saying> korean is crazy--;
<ig.saying> sc is many member
<ig.saying> play
<ig.saying> --;
<ig.saying> korean
<ig.saying> 9.000.000 gameing bw
<ig.saying> age
<ig.saying> 5~ 40
<ig.saying> -.-
<ig.saying> all playing
<ig.saying> happy
<ig.saying> and
<ig.saying> pro. and ama(ama = amature)
<ig.saying> many :):) :)

Q: so, next question, who is the best player in the world now? What do u think about second place on wcg (Fisheye[pG])? Is he really so gosu?
<ig.saying> hm
<ig.saying> my think is
<ig.saying> no.1 is terran
<ig.saying> user :)
<ig.saying> hm....
<ig.saying> nada
<ig.saying> or.
<ig.saying> iloveo.ov
<ig.saying> and boxer :)

Q: aha, and fisheye?
<ig.saying> fisheye who?
<ig.saying> --;

<ig.saying> don't know he
<ig.saying> wcg no.1 is
<ig.saying> Ogogo

Q: and no.2?  :)
<ig.saying> a..
<ig.saying> no.2 ?
<ig.saying> ah..
<ig.saying> forgot

Q: 3 Grrrr
<ig.saying> -.-

Q: omg  :) so, u dont know this player? i mean FisheYe, 1-2 in Finale lose vs ogogo - u dont know?
<ig.saying> hm
<ig.saying> good gamer
<ig.saying> I know final
<ig.saying> game
<ig.saying> but I think
<ig.saying> he very luck in wcg
<ig.saying> o.o end-.-v

Q: aha, okey, thx, i say him it :)
<ig.saying> thx:)

Q: and what do u think about russian gamers? A2, Phellan, Androide?
<ig.saying> don't know russia no.1

Q: and other player?
<ig.saying> a2
<ig.saying> :)

Q: i mean, are they good or bad?
<ig.saying> hm.
<ig.saying> good --> 70
<ig.saying> bad --> 30
<ig.saying> they little slow
<ig.saying> but thinking good

Q: aha, tnx :) it's a compliment for us :)
<ig.saying> phellan good zerg

Q: what for place are u in korea?
<ig.saying> hm
<ig.saying> house
<ig.saying> :)
<ig.saying> house is good-.-v

Q: nono, place =)
<ig.saying> but sometimes
<ig.saying> game-room use

Q: city ?
<ig.saying> a
<ig.saying> in seoul
<ig.saying> in korean many many many progamers
<ig.saying> ~top50
<ig.saying> my rank in korea ^^

Q: aha, oki :) SAy thanx for Russian Ppl who will read this interview
<ig.saying> hm--
<ig.saying> don't understand qustion

Q: say HI TO all russians ^^
<ig.saying> t.t
<ig.saying> hihihi!!!
<ig.saying> I love russians~~
<ig.saying> :)

Q: we love u too :)
<ig.saying> ^^

Q: tnx for interview, big thnx
<ig.saying> a lot of thx :)
<ig.saying> good luck to russian
<ig.saying> ^^
<ig.saying> k

Q: tnx u2 =)
<ig.saying> bye bye :)
<ig.saying> kk-.-/

Interview take NudleS & HaNDeR[Gamei]

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